Probably the best proxy server

Proxy, Web Cache, Email server.

WinGate Proxy Server is a highly capable integrated Proxy server, firewall and email server designed for access control, security and communications needs. In addition to a comprehensive range of features and protocol support, WinGate Proxy Server license options provide you the flexibility to match your needs to your budget, whether you need to manage an enterprise, small business, or home network.

Network Address Translation (NAT) and proxy server with support for different protocols provide for a safe, powerful and controlled Internet access. DHCP, automatic proxy configuration and integration into your Active Directory simplifies the administration. Also included with the WinGate proxy server are an e-mail server, web access controls and a flexible policy management system with it's new drag&drop policy editor. WinGate 7 also offers plug-ins to extend it's functionality.



WinGate 8.5.9